West Coast Craft 2013

The holiday market season has officially kicked off.  While it took me days (read weeks) to decide whether or not I would participate in any of the numerous markets taking place in the bay area,  I randomly happened upon a gem through a friend of mine.  West Coast Craft had its first ever craft fair at Ft. Mason this past weekend on Nov 16-17, in San Francisco.  It was the best of the west, curated flawlessly with artists and designers from Oregon, Washington, San Diego, LA, and of course SF + OAKtown.  The integrity and caliber of work mingled harmoniously in a place where art and craft converge.   I was honored to be considered and even admitted after registration closed and to be amongst such a talented group of people.   I had 3 weeks to hustle up product during days before and weekends off from freelance work.  It made me realize that I am ready to step out into the world and meet my peers as well as the public.   The booth displays were out of this world (as seen below) and all I could do was drag all of my collected treasures throughout the years from home and style the hell out of my booth!  Day 1 we made a little area for people to walk into but realized that the magic is really pushing all of your items to the front (a great tip from a good friend).  Day 2 we switched things up and got a wonderful response.  Early on Sunday a little light named Paloma came over and gave all of my pillows a great big hug, found the perfect one and said “I want this one!”  Her dad was so sweet and said she never takes to anything…I have to buy it for her!  And Paloma’s response was to check the tag and say “Whats the price”??, I nearly died laughing.  She posed for a photo and then immediately took hew new pillow over to hang out with her Teddy Ruxpin (with a tape player in his back!!).  So awesome to think my pillow is in those lovely little hands now.  Thank you so much to all of you for showing up and giving great hugs throughout the weekend and keeping me in heavenly spirits and for your love and support and encouragement along the way.  It just keeps getting better.WCC1-2 WCC1 WCC2 WCC3 WCC4 WCC5 WCC6 WCC7 WCC8 WCC9 WCC10 WCC11 WCC12 WCC13 WCC14 WCC15 WCC16 WCC17 WCC18 WCC19 WCC20 WCC21

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